HOTEL REVIEW: Four Seasons Resort Marrakech

Four Seasons Resort Marrakech is a place of tranquillity, exclusivity and unfathomable natural beauty - a perfect respite for people seeking quiet and peaceful escape.


The resort is set in a sprawling 40-acre property surrounded by lush gardens, wide-open sun-filled spaces, framing courtyards and swimming pools. It is located in the heart of Menara, right next to the 12th-century old Menara Gardens and a short drive to historical landmarks such as Medina and Jemaa el-Fnaa.


It was afternoon when we reached the property and we instantly felt a deep sense of calm and we were enveloped in total peace and serenity of this magical place. It was the stunning nature that was central to the experience from the moment we arrived.

As soon as we stepped out of the car, Four Seasons staff welcomed us and led us to the reception where we were served with hot mint tea by Abdelaziz, the Guest Relations Officer who was wearing a traditional maroon fez and white djellaba. 

It was a very unique an warm welcoming. Serving mint tea is a Moroccan traditional way of welcoming guests. Preparing tea is a masculine role in Moroccan culture, and because of the high honour of this role, it is usually performed by the head of the household. Regional variations exist, however the basic ingredients for mint tea is Chinese green tea mixed with fresh or dried mint leaves and a large lump of sugar in a tall silver or stainless steel teapot. It is served by pouring hot water into the vessel and allowing to steep for a few minutes. The tea is then poured from an almost standing height in a thin stream into the small glasses arranged below. This extravagant pouring gesture aerates the mint tea into the room and fills the space with its refreshing aroma.

After enjoying our mint tea and the check-in procedure was completed, we were taken to our room by the staff via golf cart. 

Golf carts are available for in-house guests' use at any time during the stay. 

On our way to our pavillion, we got the chance to relish the natural beauty of the surrounding areas. There were beautiful trees and colourful flowers everywhere we look. Even our pavillion was covered with greenery.

Pavillion Room 28

Our pavillion was wonderful, with a huge private terrace overlooking the beautiful swimming pool and lush gardens.

Our private terrace is spacious with a nice lounging area where we can relax and bask in the sun.

It also has a comfortable sitting area where we can unwind and enjoy the resort's magnificent view. 

Our 538 square feet bedroom features a combination of contemporary and Moroccan design using soft neutral tones, handcrafted Moroccan woodwork and Zelige tiling. It is furnished with one king size bed, ottoman with coffee table, refrigerated private bar and dining table. Additionally, it has 42-inch LCD television, DVD player, multi-line telephone with voicemail, iPod docking station and media hub with cables for iPods/iPads, USB and HDMI as well as a universal charger.

After looking around our room, we found that there were welcome presents in the dining table. There's cold Moroccan mint tea, distilled water, mixed nuts, Arabic dates, fruits and pastries. 

There's also a personalized note from the Resort Manager.

After seeing all those delicious goodies, we inspected the bathroom. It is Moroccan-style and is as great as the bedroom. It has rain shower room, dual vanity sink, toilet and bidet room and dedicated bath tub.

Signature Suites

There are two Signature Suites in Four Seasons Resort Marrakech. The Presidential Suite and the Royal Suite. During our stay in the resort, we had an opportunity to view both suites. Thanks to Four Seasons Manager who graciously granted our request.




Four Seasons Resort Marrakech has four remarkable dining facilities - Inara, Solano, Azzera and In-Room Dining.


Inara is the resort's lobby restaurant that specializes Moroccan-inspired cuisine with a fusion to Turkish and Lebanese dishes.

On our first night in the resort, we decided to have our dinner at Inara. Yunes, one of the waiters at the restaurant helped us choose our food. He recommended us to try the Mezzes particularly the sardines, octopus and baba ganoush. For the main course, we had Mixed Grill Platter which includes lamb, beef and chicken. All food are simple, yet very delicious. We can honestly say that we really enjoyed everything.

 At night, Inara serves as a bar and lounge where guests can enjoy delicious and skilfully prepared specialty cocktails.


Solano is the resort's main restaurant. It offers an outdoor terrace dining and serves International breakfast buffet as well as Italian cuisine. 

This is where we had our breakfast everyday during our stay. It is pure pleasure in this place - great view, yummy food, and lovely tamed birds that hang around with us during meal! 

Inside, the restaurant is spacious and the food counters are lined with different kinds of food.

There are deli meats, cheeses, dried fruits and nuts.

And a wide variety of cooked food.

There are different kinds of breads, cereals, jams, oil and honey.

 Along with that, there were also yoghurts, fruits and fresh juices.

At night, it serves as an Italian restaurant.


Azzera offers poolside dining such as fresh selection of grilled meat and fish specialties, and an à la carte menu that includes an assortment of sandwiches, snacks and international favourites. 


In-Room Dining allows the guests to experience the delicious tastes from the diverse menu and the attentive service of the resort's restaurants in the comfort and convenience of their own room. We tried the In-Room Dining on our 3rd night in the resort. We had Char Kway Teow and Grilled Chicken with Roasted Vegetables. 

Le Spa

For complete rest and relaxation at the resort, Four Seasons Marrakech offers Le Spa. It features wide range of pampering treatments including facials and massages infused with local ingredients, such as eucalyptus, saffron, rose, olive, orange, argan oil and ghassoul clay that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from the time you arrive to the moment you leave. 

It has 15 treatment rooms including a luxurious couple's suite, steamy hammams, plunge pools, relaxation rooms and fragrant private gardens. 

Fitness facilities such tennis court, yoga room and swimming pool are also available for an enhanced day spa experience.

Swimming Pool

There are two swimming pools at Four Seasons Resort Marrakech. Both have whirlpools and heated year round to an inviting temperature. It is a great place to work out with an early morning lap, to relax and read favourite books or to simply indulge in an evening swim under the stars. It is also a nice venue to enjoy poolside drinks and light snack in the comfortable sun loungers under the beautiful towering palm trees.


Another highlight of this resort is its stunning nature. Its lush greenery induces an immediate sense of calm, peace and serenity that is hard to come by in a modern day hustle and bustle. 

Thanks to the hardworking staff of Four Seasons Marrakech that makes the resort so beautiful!


Zest is a large rooftop terrace occupying the third floor. Its quietness and peacefulness make it an excellent spot to hang out with family and friends, and enjoy the amazing view of the resort and the Atlas Mountain.


The resort's lobby is spacious, inviting and visually awesome. It is a combination of contemporary and traditional Moroccan style. It is abundant in colours and patterns, and accented with Moroccan art pieces such as sculptures and pottery that adds up a craftsman's touch.

Did you know that these gorgeous orange roses that beautifully adorned the lobby are thoughtfully replenished daily and freshly hand-picked from Four Seasons Resort's lush gardens? This is one of the personal touches that you get as a guest of Four Seasons Resort Marrakech.

Look, even the lovebirds are photo ready!


The library has a discreet elegance and timeless style. Its relaxed and peaceful atmosphere makes it a perfect place to lounge and unwind after a busy day exploring The Red City.

Maarifa Cultural Centre and Lounge

Maarifa, or “knowledge” in Arabic, is the cultural centre of Four Seasons Resort Marrakech dedicated to Moroccan art and culture. It was my favourite part of Four Seasons Resort Marrakech. Although, I loved everything about the resort, this particular place has left the strongest impression on me. The plan was only to check Djellaba but surprisingly, we ended up hanging out in this amazing place for more an an hour. Thanks to Chaimaa and Maha who graciously gave us fantastic informative lecture about the Moroccan culture and the Kaftan dress. Chaimaa even showed us a video of her friend's wedding ceremony which she specially arranged for her. For a completely memorable experience, they allowed me to try the beautifully embellished Kaftan dress. 

The Kaftan is a traditional Moroccan dress. It is a result of spreading of the Middle-Easterners to North-Africa, which introduced the dress around the 6th and 7th centuries. Kaftans was worn by both men and women from the era of the sultans and have been made by Moroccan dynasties over the centuries including the Almoravids dynasty. Today, Kaftan is usually worn during festive occasions and wedding ceremonies. 

Aside from Moroccan traditional clothings, Maarifa Cultural Centre offers a fine selection of books on Moroccan Art de Vivre, as well as photographs of Morocco from the 19th century. Additional items for sale include Moroccan handicrafts; designer items for women, men and children; beautiful pieces of vintage mottled leather; jewelry with semi-precious stones; accessories, handbags and clutches such as printed python leather pouches with stylish bright red or cobalt blue gussets finely embellished with gold; and Berber carpets. Professional-led workshops such as bargaining tips, Arabic calligraphy, argan oil making and mint tea rituals are also available by schedule.

Collection of Original Paintings by Local Artist, TAHA SABIE

Maarifa Cultural Centre also welcomes aficionados of art and culture through art exhibitions coming from great names of Moroccan painters and orientalist. When we were there, there was an exhibition of original paintings by local artist, TAHA SABIE. Originally from Baghdad, Sabie has lived in Marrakech since 1977, where aside from being a passionate artist, he devotes much of his time to helping children in need.

Four Seasons Private Residences

While exploring the resort, we chanced upon the sales and marketing office of Four Seasons Private Residences. We went inside and we were assisted by their knowledgeable and friendly property consultant. We found out that Four Seasons Private Residences is opening a new phase for their new project called Marrakech at M Avenue. The project aims to build a mixed-use complex designed around a “live-work-learn-play” concept and will include residential, commercial, cultural, wellness and retail & culinary development. 

Isn't it brilliant to have your own sophisticated apartment that is not only defined by elegant style and luxurious finishes, but most importantly, equipped to deliver the legendary Four Seasons service? WOW!


An ultimate luxury holiday for me and Rock Licker is going somewhere we would feel relaxed and at home in a wonderfully peaceful setting. Four Seasons Resort Marrakech is a splendid, magical place where privacy, style and tranquility is the name of the game. Me and Rock Licker had a fabulous 5-day staycation in the resort and we definitely felt rested.

We highly recommend Four Seasons Resort Marrakech. It is a perfect sanctuary and a true oasis of peace and beauty amidst the vibrant spirit of The Red City!

HOTEL REVIEW: Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca

Casablanca means white house, and the city is famously called The White City because of its beautiful white buildings and structures. Its original name was Anfa in Berber language and was later renamed by the Portugese in the 15th century AD.


Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca is superbly located within the affluent Anfa Place along the Corniche overlooking the exquisite Atlantic coastline. Anfa Place is the first master-planned development on the White City's shore that combines "live, work, play, learn and shop" concept redefining modern urban living. The upscale Anfa Place Shopping Centre is walking distance from Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca. Mall of Morocco, the largest mall in Africa and Hassan II Mosque as well as other top tourist attractions like the colourful traditional markets, medinas and art deco are only a short drive away.

Chauffeur Service

Our Four Seasons Casablanca experience began with a luxury chauffeur service. As soon as we arrived in the airport, Four Seasons' designated driver, Tariq, welcomed us and led us to the car, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Like a true gentleman, he politely opened the car door for us, handed us two bottles of cold mineral water and helped us put our luggage in the vehicle. Immediately when he got into the car, he offered us free mobile wifi and chargers which we happily used. There was also Four Seasons Magazine that's available for us to read on our trip. It was a smooth 40-minute drive from Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport to Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca. More so, it's worth mentioning that Tariq was very professional in every aspects from his appearance, attitude and behaviour. 


Upon arrival on property, we underwent a security check before continuing our way inside. As soon as we stepped out of the car, we were welcomed by a bunch of Four Seasons staff. One of them is Nabil, the doorman, who courteously escorted us all the way to the Front Desk.

Front Desk

It was a very quick registration and once finished, Nada, a sweet lady in Front Desk guided us to our room - a Grand Premier Ocean-View Room.  

The hotel was built in a unique and intelligent layout where the lobby is placed in the uppermost level of the building. 


This is the hallway to our room - classy and cozy.

Room 434

Each guestroom door comes with an RFID card reader.

While Nada was explaining to Rock Licker about the room features, I checked the view from our huge private balcony. This is what we got - an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean and the hotel's manicured garden. It was amazing. I loved the feeling of the sea breeze touching my face and the peaceful sound of the waves was so relaxing.

Going back inside the room, we were presented delicious welcome treats such as Moroccan pastries, dates, Belgian chocolate crisp ice cream, assorted fruits and juices. But what made us more delighted was the lovely welcome note from one of the managers of Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca wishing us an enjoyable stay.

On the coffee table next to the ottoman chair, there's a bottle of cold Moroccan mint tea and two henna hand-painted drinking glasses . It was my first time to try this and I loved it! The light taste of green tea and the distinctive flavour of spearmint leaves make it a refreshing beverage. It's an excellent welcome drink especially after a tiring long-haul flight.


Our 506 square feet bedroom features a contemporary design with a Moroccan flair. Its distinctive pieces include the Moroccan drop lights that serves as bedside lamps. These Moroccan lamps are extraordinary pieces of art that combines decor and functionality. The hand-chiseled fine artwork in this lamps creates an intricate, spell-binding patterns of relaxing soft and ambient light when reflected on the walls. 


The full marble bathroom includes a separate rain shower room, single sink with vanity mirror, toilet and bidet room and dedicated bath tub. It also boasts luxury amenities from the House of Fragonard's latest product line, VRAI.

Mini Bar

As usual, when it comes to luxury hotels, Nespresso is always the preferred coffee maker.

There's also a selection of exclusive Moroccan teas in the mini bar.

Did you know that Rosenthal is one of the oldest porcelain makers in the world? It's first porcelain was made at the factory established in Selb, Bavaria, in 1880. Now in it's over 130 years, Rosenthal china is still being produced in Bavaria.

Mint Lounge

The intimate Mint Lounge, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is an ideal venue to rendezvous with associates and friends. 

This is Khalid, our favourite guy in Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca. He is the manager in Mint Lounge. He is very welcoming, friendly and helpful!


After spending some time in Mint Lounge, we went outside for our late afternoon stroll and indulge ourselves in admiration of the view of the manicured garden and stunning swimming pool.

Latitude 33

At the farthest end of the garden, there's Latitude 33 which features poolside lounge ambiance and small plate dining delights such as tapas, sandwiches, salads, grills and desserts.

It is also a perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy a refreshing Moroccan drink after a great swim.

Swimming Pool

I am so in love with this swimming pool which is  surrounded with colourful flower walls and immaculately white lounge chairs that's half - immersed in the water. It's very unique and beautiful.

This is the prettiest outdoor shower I've ever seen!

Mint Lounge

We came back to Mint Lounge at dinner and upon Khalid's recommendation, we ordered surf and turf caesar salad, pigeon pastille and seabass tagine.

First came a bottle of distilled water, and a basket of bread with olive oil dip.

Not too long after we got the bread, our surf and turf caesar salad arrived. It was fresh, crispy and delicious.

Then, there came the famed pigeon pastille. Pigeon pastille is a Moroccan traditional dish originating from the city of Fez. It is usually served in special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and holidays. It's fillings is made of shredded fledge pigeon, ground almonds and variety of spices. C'est trop bon!

After that, our main course was served. I'm glad that we sampled the seabass tagine. The fish was slow cook to perfection and it was very tasty.

When it's time for desserts, Hicham served us Moroccan sweets and gleefully showed us the Moroccan style of pouring tea. C'est parfait!

Ladies Powder Room

After dinner, I used the ladies powder room and I was impressed with what I saw. It is clearly one of the best. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, tastefully decorated, smells really good and, most of all, very clean.


The lobby hallway is fitted with elegant and stylish furnitures and art pieces - a very distinctive characteristic of a Four Seasons Hotel.


This is what the elegant Front Desk reception looks like at night. During the day, its skylight glass ceiling allows natural light to brighten up the whole area and creates a natural ambiance.

Swimming Pool

Look at the pool. It's so inviting.

Valet Drop Off Area

Oh, and those luxury cars! The perks of being rich.


The next morning, we started our day early and had our breakfast at Mint Lounge. It was excellent. It has a good selection of quality food like fresh fruits, yoghurts, breads, various jams and spreads, cold cuts, cheese and cooked food.

We sprinkled our sunny side up with salt and cumin - the Moroccan way.

Royal Suite

After having our breakfast, we had the opportunity to view the hotel's Royal Suite. This suite has everything you need for a stay that combines luxury and comfort. It features a breathtaking 180-degree ocean view, enormous living room with full-glass windows, spacious dining area, fully-stocked kitchen, large workstation, huge private terrace with a spectacular one-of-a-kind indoor-outdoor fireplace, up to three stylish bedrooms and all-marble bathrooms. An insider told us that this is the suite of choice for Hollywood celebrities visiting The White City.

I was love-struck with these accent lights that magnify the suite's air of opulence!

Signature Ocean - View Suites

After viewing the Royal Suite, we went to the 4th floor to check the Signature Ocean-View Suite. This suite has up to 188 square metres of floor space. It is overlooking the Atlantic, and has up to 2 bedrooms, full-marble bathrooms and a powder room. Additionally, it has wide private balcony, generous living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, large work desk and dining area that features elegant blend of Moroccan and contemporary design.

Premier Suite

After being wowed by those two suites, we then proceeded to the Premier Suite. This suite is also a stunner. It has an attractively designed living and dining areas, powder room, large private balcony, cozy bedroom and lavish bathroom. 

Le Spa

We also had the chance to see Le Spa. This spa features luxury skin care and massage treatments, and boasts 10 spacious treatment rooms, 2 couple's spa suites and changing lounges that include heated whirlpools, steam rooms and saunas. There is also fitness gym and outdoor pool for an enhanced overall spa experience.


Come lunchtime, me and Rock Licker had a scrumptious meal at the BLEU restaurant.

BLEU restaurant specializes in finest seafood cuisine as well as delicious meat dishes. It's name is inspired by the Atlantic Ocean, while its decor is influenced by Casablanca’s exquisite coastline. The restaurant's design gives emphasis on curves, seashells, white and brown hues that creates seaside ambiance.
At the centre of the restaurant is a custom-made grill that allows guests to see BLEU chefs create masterpiece cuisine, while the raw bar features tartars, oysters and seafood tastings.

On the terrace, guests can enjoy Casablanca's scenic coastline, including the 100 year-old El Hank Lighthouse.

I wanted to try BLEU's fresh catch of the day, so I ordered a seared monkfish with Moroccan pink rock salt, parsley cream, lemon oil and  baby potatoes. While, Rock Licker gobbled up beef tenderloin steak with peppercorn sauce and truffle french fries. 

The monkfish was fresh, I can easily tell by its texture and its sweet and mild taste. Whereas, the beef tenderloin steak was tender and very tasty. We were quite happy with our food. Both were deliciously indulgent and full of flavour. 


Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca sets the standard in elegance for business and leisure travellers. It’s an ideal oasis for travellers seeking a reward and wanting to indulge after a successful business obligations.


Given it’s superb location, it is an excellent launch pad to the country for all travellers alike. While it's outstanding hospitality makes it a perfect home base for people visiting The White City.


We were the happiest travellers during our staycation in The White City. Thank you Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca for making our very first trip to the African continent such a memorable experience!