WEEKEND GETAWAY: The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain

In the middle of the Arabian Gulf, standing under blue sky and above the waters, a group of islands make up the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is considered one of the most prominent tourist destinations today.

Not only is it a place for tourists, it is also a home for expats. Expat Insider’s global survey in 2017 revealed that a majority of expats say they are happy in Bahrain because it provides for almost all their needs.

Bahrain ranked first for family life in general and fourth for the friendly attitude towards families with kids. It also climbed up from rank 22 to 6 in terms of quality of education and from rank 32 to 11 in terms of childcare and education.


Sitting in the middle of Bahrain, like a haven of relief, is The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain. The hotel is just three kilometers from Manama City Centre and fifteen kilometers from Bahrain International Airport.

First Day

Rock Licker and I had a good and welcoming first day. We were so happy to have the privilege to celebrate our blog's first year anniversary at our favorite hotel.

The hotel gave us one of their Club Rooms with Club Lounge access. We soaked in the scenic view from a room with stylish furniture and features. To our surprise, they gave us balloons, printed photos from our Instagram posts, colorful macaroons, fruits, and chocolates. (Thanks for that, Ritz-Carlton!)


Because it was Ramadan, the Club Lounge where we were supposed to have lunch in was closed. Instead, we had lunch at La Med restaurant, the hotel's poolside restaurant.


After lunch, we had a nice and peaceful walk along the beach. The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain has a 600 meters of white sand beach. We rested on one of the beach cabanas and savored the view. We also soaked in the open-air jacuzzi and sunbathed in one of the coolest floating loungers we’ve ever seen.

We explored the waters on a kayak. Boats and kayaks can be booked for everyone to enjoy the blue of waters of the Gulf.  Before the sun went down, we decided to swim and enjoy the atmosphere and warm water.

IMG_4698 2.jpg

During the evening, we were invited to experience the Ghabga at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain’s Al Khayma Tent. Ghabga are a showcase of traditional Ramadan hospitality meant to bring people together. We enjoyed sumptuous food, live Arabic music, and the warm, friendly ambiance.

We were also invited to try the Iftar at the same tent. Iftar is hosted by Muslims for them to open their fast. We came at the right time since it was Ramadan. The experience gave us a glimpse of how warm connections to people can be due to food and some bonding.

To cap it off, we enjoyed a delicious vienna cake and coffee at our favourite, Gourmet Lounge. It features Old World classics for delicious pastries and hearty meals.

It was a great night!


Second Day

It’s such a pleasure to wake up in the morning to the beauty of the Arabian Gulf. As a celebration of that, we had breakfast at La Med. La Med is one of the hotel’s nine restaurants, and it’s the one with the big buffets.


We extended the enjoyment with a relaxing soak at the jacuzzi bathtub and a lovely swim at the indoor pool. Those who stay in The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain have unlimited access to swimming pools and fitness facilities.


As an ending to our stay, we had a delightful lunch at La Med before we checked out.


Our stay in The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain was short, but It’s hard to forget its ethereal beauty, the lone blue spot in the middle of the cosmopolitan city. 

Anyone who wants to indulge should consider staying in the hotel and in Bahrain. In this busy world of ours, it’s always good to refresh and pamper yourself.

Thank you The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain for always been our happy place during weekend breaks!