HOTEL REVIEW: The Gulf Hotel, Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the top destinations amongst the GCC countries. Known for its relaxed application of Islamic Law, Bahrain has an immense cultural diversity, with different faiths and churches in operation and high percentage of its population are expatriates, mostly from oil & gas industry and banking & finance sector. 


During the long weekends we had the chance to experience modern Bahrain for the first time. We've read somewhere that The Gulf Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Manama, so we gave it a try and booked a stay for a night. Although, when we were there, we didn't had the chance to use all their facilities because it was just a short stay. But we were able to tour the hotel and take some photos. We were told that the hotel was recently renovated. No wonder why it's not obvious that it's already a half century old establishment. Based on our experience, I could say that everything about this hotel is practical. There's nothing really fancy. But having been around for many years, it was able to build a reputation that cannot be shaken. For some, it's just an old hotel. But for Bahrainis, it's an institution.